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It’s a great place to work - I have worked in Bolton for 12 years for Backup the best charity in Bolton. (I’m biased of course). I love how everyone works together and go above and beyond to ensure those who need support get the support they need #Boltonfamily

Dee Gilmore

I love Bolton because it took my Grandmother in as a refugee after WW2 and continues to welcome refugees fleeing war and persecution around the world.

Leah Fostyk

I love Bolton as there are plenty of hidden gems, everyone I pass who's out walking always seems happy and shocked that Bolton has a lot of green space.

Ashley P

University of Bolton and Bolton college, supported me as a carer, by giving me confidence, and empowerment towards achieving my degree in Complementary Health studies as well as a qualification in Teaching.

Abeda Hanslod

I love Bolton because it's the hometown of my all time favourite poet, Ibrahim Ali Ismail!

Lisa Dolan

I've lived here my entire life and adore the growing variety of things to do - be it the quickly developing town centre or the relaxing countryside, there's nowhere else I'd rather have grown up. I've no plans of leaving any time soon!

Jamie Moore

I love Bolton because it is the place of my birth. I have had many lovely conversations with complete strangers because that's the kind of friendly people you come across everywhere you go. Natural beauty is on our doorstep.


I love Bolton because it's a diverse, creative inspirational place to live, work and play.


I love Bolton because of our beautiful parks and recreation spaces, our wild moors, historic houses, and magnificent Crescent and Town Hall, and how proud we are of our Lancashire roots.


I love Bolton because it can only get better.


It is one of the biggest towns in the UK, and it is undoubtedly the best. A great industrial heritage surrounded by beautiful countryside but it's greatness lies in having the warmest and most friendly people you will find anywhere in the world. It's an ideal place to build a business given the amount of talent in the area and the travel links.

Don Clarke

It welcomed me when I came to work here, it’s a great diverse opinionated, caring community that has a fabulous identity, and really embraces outsiders as part of the big Bolton family!

Bernie Brown

Because this is where I was born, have grown up, made friends, started my own family and made special memories. Bolton is surrounded by beautiful countryside that is only a 10 minute drive out of the town centre.

Kelly Burke

It's where my home is; where my family are; where I've got great friends and great workmates; where my church is; where my team are; where we go shopping and where we go on fabulous walks. It's where the people are so friendly and it's where my heart is! I'm always so proud to say 'I'm from Bolton!'

Keith Armstrong

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