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Bolton has an industrial heritage that we can all be proud of. In years gone by Bolton led the world in textiles and engineering. Despite the harsh reality of hardship and austerity at times, people always fought to try and make a better future for themselves, their families and communities. We can learn a lot from our history.

Martin Challender

I love Bolton because it is friendly and lots to see and do like Queen's Park.

Connor Freeman

I have a small business on Bolton Market. The lovely community I've met here and friendliness of my customers never fails to brighten my day. I've made lifelong friends in this town

Megan Hudson

Two reasons - 1. I met some lovely people when I worked in Bolton who are still dear friends ten years after I retired. 2. The Olympus Fish and Chip Restaurant is in Bolton. Bring the two together as I often do and and a great time is guaranteed.

Alan Blairs

It welcomed my Mum and Dad when they arrived from Ireland and its people became friends and family to me and to my brothers, daughters and sons since.

Ged Gallagher

I love Bolton because... Smithills Hall, the open market selling fresh produce, Rivington and the surrounding countryside. What's not to love.


I was born here and attended a great school, Smithills Grammar School, where I made lifelong friends.There is beautiful countryside, easily accessible. Bolton has a magnificent Town Hall, the Central Library, The Octagon Theatre, a great Cinema, and friendly people.

Diane Cowley

It is the place where I was born and where my friends and most of my family live. When I leave my house, in 5 minutes I am in the countryside and can take my dog for long walks where we often see foxes, rabbits, deer and other wild animals and birds. I would not want to live anywhere else.

Karen Farnworth

Our fantastic foster carers, sitters and befrienders at Bolton Shared Care... who each give a little time! But make a massive difference by supporting and enhancing the lives of children and young people with disabilities in Bolton.

Chris Loughran

I am in the navy, & work away a lot, and there is nowhere in the word that calls to me like Bolton. It’s my home, & always will be. I love the people, the accent, all the great things to do & most of all, I love Bolton because it’s home. When I’ve been away a while the homesickness kicks in & I think about MY hometown & how I can’t wait to come home.

Reece Scholes

I love Bolton because I can walk on the moors with my husband and my dog.

Sharon Bleackley

It's such a diverse place. Many different shops available and everybody is always smiling and with the investment into the town itself, it's massively improving and bringing people back to the great town of Bolton. The different world sports stars we have produced and the sports clubs including our beloved Bolton Wanderers FC :)


It’s a great place to work - I have worked in Bolton for 12 years for Backup the best charity in Bolton. (I’m biased of course). I love how everyone works together and go above and beyond to ensure those who need support get the support they need #Boltonfamily

Dee Gilmore

I love Bolton because I was born and raised here. Back when I was a child there was plenty of parks and stuff to do not so much now tho but still lots to do i.e museums and walks.

Tara H

It is one of the biggest towns in the UK, and it is undoubtedly the best. A great industrial heritage surrounded by beautiful countryside but it's greatness lies in having the warmest and most friendly people you will find anywhere in the world. It's an ideal place to build a business given the amount of talent in the area and the travel links.

Don Clarke

All roads in my life have led me back here. Bolton is who and what I work for. I have made some amazing friends thanks to Bolton. People are friendly and kind and helpful. We have beautiful buildings, and even more beautiful green spaces. Our accent is brilliant! :)

Lee Houghton

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