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I love Bolton because... Smithills Hall, the open market selling fresh produce, Rivington and the surrounding countryside. What's not to love.


I love Bolton because it has a vibrant diverse community, full of culture which makes you feel proud to be part of.

Abeda Hanslod

Despite its problems, which many northern towns have, due to government funding cuts, Bolton is still a nice place to live.


I love Bolton because it is Amazing, Ambitious, Diverse, Cultured, Friendly, Generous, Welcoming, Caring.

Leigh Vallance

I love Bolton because of our beautiful parks and recreation spaces, our wild moors, historic houses, and magnificent Crescent and Town Hall, and how proud we are of our Lancashire roots.


Our town has been welcoming newcomers since the 14th century and this says a lot about the overall character of the inhabitants of the place.

Ibrahim Kala

I love Bolton because it is the place of my birth. I have had many lovely conversations with complete strangers because that's the kind of friendly people you come across everywhere you go. Natural beauty is on our doorstep.


I love Bolton because it's the friendliest place in the country and we have the amazing market place :)

Cathy Savage

I love Bolton because I was born and raised here. Back when I was a child there was plenty of parks and stuff to do not so much now tho but still lots to do i.e museums and walks.

Tara H

I love Bolton because it's the hometown of my all time favourite poet, Ibrahim Ali Ismail!

Lisa Dolan

It's a place of contrast, the interface between conurbation and wild country, the old and the new. It's a place of change, people arriving, new development, businesses, ideas, new beers, but where constants remain, friends, values, Victorian buildings, football, X Records. It's a place of great character and a fine place to call home!

Iain Crossland

I love Bolton because it's a diverse, creative inspirational place to live, work and play.


It has some beautiful buildings, despite many empty units below some of them. Its beautiful countryside and choice of walks and cycle paths is huge. It has always had a good amount of music venues, entertainment and nightlife, this has now dwindled in the last 20 years, I hope that this will be boosted again with the new plans.

Sarah Morgan

I love Bolton because great parks, lovely countryside on everyone's doorstep all free for all ages, Bolton has the best people who will speak to you in the street and grip when needed.

Mavis Hunter

So much to love about Bolton. The countryside. The history. Rivington Terrace Gardens is an absolute gem. Most of all the kind, funny, friendly people. This is not my place of birth but I can't imagine living anywhere else.


I love all the shops that aren't high street chains because they're what really makes a town, I live in Bury but I love visiting Bolton just for those characteristic and one of a kind shops. In the age where chains are getting bigger and family run businesses are becoming less and less frequent it's nice to know that Bolton still has character!


We have the loveliest people who would go out of their way to help someone in need. We support each other and our community. We are a town with lots of lovely villages and you don't need to travel far to find beautiful countryside. Bolton stamped on my heart - like a stick of Blackpool rock!


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