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Our town has been welcoming newcomers since the 14th century and this says a lot about the overall character of the inhabitants of the place.

Ibrahim Kala

It welcomed my Mum and Dad when they arrived from Ireland and its people became friends and family to me and to my brothers, daughters and sons since.

Ged Gallagher

I love Bolton because I can walk on the moors with my husband and my dog.

Sharon Bleackley

I am in the navy, & work away a lot, and there is nowhere in the word that calls to me like Bolton. It’s my home, & always will be. I love the people, the accent, all the great things to do & most of all, I love Bolton because it’s home. When I’ve been away a while the homesickness kicks in & I think about MY hometown & how I can’t wait to come home.

Reece Scholes

I love Bolton because it has a vibrant diverse community, full of culture which makes you feel proud to be part of.

Abeda Hanslod

I love Bolton because it is the place of my birth. I have had many lovely conversations with complete strangers because that's the kind of friendly people you come across everywhere you go. Natural beauty is on our doorstep.


I love Bolton because of the amazing number of choirs, musical groups and theatrical groups in this town. This is a town that has made the arts accessible to everyone.


I love Bolton because it has great community spirit and has some amazing people who volunteer in the community.

Wendy Shepherd

I love Bolton because it gave me a home. I found love and raised a family here. Bolton people are compassionate and accepting. Bolton has taught my children kindness. Proud to be part of the Bolton family.

Elaine Sessions

It's such a diverse place. Many different shops available and everybody is always smiling and with the investment into the town itself, it's massively improving and bringing people back to the great town of Bolton. The different world sports stars we have produced and the sports clubs including our beloved Bolton Wanderers FC :)


I love Bolton because of it's people… we are proud, we are loud, we take the mickey… we find the joy!

Marie Irving-Murphy

It is the home of the Bolton Impact Trust, this organisation is now a nationally recognised leading Alternative Provision school, that looks after some of Bolton's most disadvantaged children. The staff are some of the most dedicated people I've had the privilege to meet. They need all the help we can to continue their incredible work.

Tony Grimshaw

I lived there for 6 years and I completed my studies in Bolton Institute of Higher Education from 1979 to 1985. I like its people, places like Queen's Park, Town Centre, Arndale Centre and so many places. Thanks to all Bolton community.

Khalid Alfar

I love Bolton as there are plenty of hidden gems, everyone I pass who's out walking always seems happy and shocked that Bolton has a lot of green space.

Ashley P

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