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It welcomed my Mum and Dad when they arrived from Ireland and its people became friends and family to me and to my brothers, daughters and sons since.

Ged Gallagher

Bolton has an industrial heritage that we can all be proud of. In years gone by Bolton led the world in textiles and engineering. Despite the harsh reality of hardship and austerity at times, people always fought to try and make a better future for themselves, their families and communities. We can learn a lot from our history.

Martin Challender

It's a place of contrast, the interface between conurbation and wild country, the old and the new. It's a place of change, people arriving, new development, businesses, ideas, new beers, but where constants remain, friends, values, Victorian buildings, football, X Records. It's a place of great character and a fine place to call home!

Iain Crossland

Left Bolton in 1973 to travel the world! Now live in London, still visit "home" annually. I see great changes being made!

Ken Barker

So much to love about Bolton. The countryside. The history. Rivington Terrace Gardens is an absolute gem. Most of all the kind, funny, friendly people. This is not my place of birth but I can't imagine living anywhere else.


I love Bolton because of the amazing number of choirs, musical groups and theatrical groups in this town. This is a town that has made the arts accessible to everyone.


I love Bolton because of it's people… we are proud, we are loud, we take the mickey… we find the joy!

Marie Irving-Murphy

I love Bolton because it is friendly and lots to see and do like Queen's Park.

Connor Freeman

I love Bolton because it's the hometown of my all time favourite poet, Ibrahim Ali Ismail!

Lisa Dolan

Great sense of community. Bolton holds many hidden gems from the historic sites such as the home of Samuel Crompton in Firwood Fold to the scenic such as Smithills Hall, open farm and estate, as well as many lodges great for walks and picnics. I could go on... "I Love Bolton"


Because they offer us access to great health apps via this amazing new portal! Which means I can find apps for me, my patients and my family to help with their conditions. Would be good to share further and wider!


It is the home of the Bolton Impact Trust, this organisation is now a nationally recognised leading Alternative Provision school, that looks after some of Bolton's most disadvantaged children. The staff are some of the most dedicated people I've had the privilege to meet. They need all the help we can to continue their incredible work.

Tony Grimshaw

Bolton is where I found my roots. Life wasn't great, but I came here and met my wife, had my three beautiful daughters and made a life for myself.

Matthew Barnes

I love all the shops that aren't high street chains because they're what really makes a town, I live in Bury but I love visiting Bolton just for those characteristic and one of a kind shops. In the age where chains are getting bigger and family run businesses are becoming less and less frequent it's nice to know that Bolton still has character!


Bolton has great special schools, charities and organisations that help to support our children who have additional needs and disabilities, making sure these children don't miss out on opportunities others may have.

Julie O’Brien

We can come together when needed to help each other #communityspirit #communityspiritatitsbest

Catherine Skelton

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