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I love Bolton because great parks, lovely countryside on everyone's doorstep all free for all ages, Bolton has the best people who will speak to you in the street and grip when needed.

Mavis Hunter

Bolton has an industrial heritage that we can all be proud of. In years gone by Bolton led the world in textiles and engineering. Despite the harsh reality of hardship and austerity at times, people always fought to try and make a better future for themselves, their families and communities. We can learn a lot from our history.

Martin Challender

I love Bolton because of the amazing diversity that gave us our very own homegrown poet Ibrahim Ali Ismail, whose work showcases our lives and our community.

Sham Akhtar

It's a diverse town, full of friendly people who love a natter, a wealth of industrial heritage and beautiful buildings. A fantastic food festival, enjoyed by all who visit. Brilliant transport links. All surrounded by such beautiful countryside, right on our doorstep! What's not to Love?

Wendy F

I love Bolton because it gave me a home. I found love and raised a family here. Bolton people are compassionate and accepting. Bolton has taught my children kindness. Proud to be part of the Bolton family.

Elaine Sessions

We have the loveliest people who would go out of their way to help someone in need. We support each other and our community. We are a town with lots of lovely villages and you don't need to travel far to find beautiful countryside. Bolton stamped on my heart - like a stick of Blackpool rock!


It welcomed my Mum and Dad when they arrived from Ireland and its people became friends and family to me and to my brothers, daughters and sons since.

Ged Gallagher

I love Bolton because of the gorgeous countryside and parks.


Of the friendly people. Also I love our surrounding countryside. Also easy access to other parts of the country. Quite good public transport. Good theatre, library and museum/art gallery.

Eileen Worsley

Our fantastic foster carers, sitters and befrienders at Bolton Shared Care... who each give a little time! But make a massive difference by supporting and enhancing the lives of children and young people with disabilities in Bolton.

Chris Loughran

I love Bolton because of its proximity to open space, the friendly and diverse population. Ease to get into Manchester on the train.

Jayne Stott

I love Bolton because I can walk on the moors with my husband and my dog.

Sharon Bleackley

I love Bolton because of the amazing number of choirs, musical groups and theatrical groups in this town. This is a town that has made the arts accessible to everyone.


I love Bolton because of the different people you meet every day, it has such a fantastic vibe and all the places to go is amazing. Its regeneration over the years will keep Bolton on top!!!! #loveboltonforever

Samantha Woodcock

Two reasons - 1. I met some lovely people when I worked in Bolton who are still dear friends ten years after I retired. 2. The Olympus Fish and Chip Restaurant is in Bolton. Bring the two together as I often do and and a great time is guaranteed.

Alan Blairs

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