I love Bolton because...
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It's a place of contrast, the interface between conurbation and wild country, the old and the new. It's a place of change, people arriving, new development, businesses, ideas, new beers, but where constants remain, friends, values, Victorian buildings, football, X Records. It's a place of great character and a fine place to call home!

Iain Crossland

I love Bolton because of it's people… we are proud, we are loud, we take the mickey… we find the joy!

Marie Irving-Murphy

Our fantastic foster carers, sitters and befrienders at Bolton Shared Care... who each give a little time! But make a massive difference by supporting and enhancing the lives of children and young people with disabilities in Bolton.

Chris Loughran

Despite its problems, which many northern towns have, due to government funding cuts, Bolton is still a nice place to live.


Our town has been welcoming newcomers since the 14th century and this says a lot about the overall character of the inhabitants of the place.

Ibrahim Kala

I have a small business on Bolton Market. The lovely community I've met here and friendliness of my customers never fails to brighten my day. I've made lifelong friends in this town

Megan Hudson

I love Bolton because it's a diverse, creative inspirational place to live, work and play.


It is one of the biggest towns in the UK, and it is undoubtedly the best. A great industrial heritage surrounded by beautiful countryside but it's greatness lies in having the warmest and most friendly people you will find anywhere in the world. It's an ideal place to build a business given the amount of talent in the area and the travel links.

Don Clarke

Two reasons - 1. I met some lovely people when I worked in Bolton who are still dear friends ten years after I retired. 2. The Olympus Fish and Chip Restaurant is in Bolton. Bring the two together as I often do and and a great time is guaranteed.

Alan Blairs

I love Bolton because it's the friendliest place in the country and we have the amazing market place :)

Cathy Savage

We are so very lucky to have such beautiful countryside right on our doorstep with amazing views and lots of wildlife to spot. We also have some lovely country parks if you don't want to be quite so wild.

Maggie Savidge

I've lived here my entire life and adore the growing variety of things to do - be it the quickly developing town centre or the relaxing countryside, there's nowhere else I'd rather have grown up. I've no plans of leaving any time soon!

Jamie Moore

Despite being new to Bolton, I have never met a bunch of people more friendly and welcoming. I love the character, sense of humour and I am proud to work in a place that is striving for a greater future for everyone.

Laura Fenton

I work at Royal Bolton Hospital and I love my job very much.


I love Bolton because of the beautiful countryside on our doorstep!


I love Bolton because of our fantastic countryside and cultural and sporting heritage. Warm, welcoming and witty, a wonderful place to live and work.

Karen Fairhurst

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