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I love Bolton because it gave me a home. I found love and raised a family here. Bolton people are compassionate and accepting. Bolton has taught my children kindness. Proud to be part of the Bolton family.

Elaine Sessions

I love Bolton because of our beautiful parks and recreation spaces, our wild moors, historic houses, and magnificent Crescent and Town Hall, and how proud we are of our Lancashire roots.


I love Bolton because it's the friendliest place in the country and we have the amazing market place :)

Cathy Savage

Of its diversity, its fantastic community and voluntary sector and the great working relationships I have developed over the last 10 years of working in Bolton!

Louise McDade

I love Bolton because of its proximity to open space, the friendly and diverse population. Ease to get into Manchester on the train.

Jayne Stott

I love Bolton because of the beautiful countryside on our doorstep!


We have the loveliest people who would go out of their way to help someone in need. We support each other and our community. We are a town with lots of lovely villages and you don't need to travel far to find beautiful countryside. Bolton stamped on my heart - like a stick of Blackpool rock!


Bolton has an industrial heritage that we can all be proud of. In years gone by Bolton led the world in textiles and engineering. Despite the harsh reality of hardship and austerity at times, people always fought to try and make a better future for themselves, their families and communities. We can learn a lot from our history.

Martin Challender

I was born here and attended a great school, Smithills Grammar School, where I made lifelong friends.There is beautiful countryside, easily accessible. Bolton has a magnificent Town Hall, the Central Library, The Octagon Theatre, a great Cinema, and friendly people.

Diane Cowley

I love all the shops that aren't high street chains because they're what really makes a town, I live in Bury but I love visiting Bolton just for those characteristic and one of a kind shops. In the age where chains are getting bigger and family run businesses are becoming less and less frequent it's nice to know that Bolton still has character!


I love Bolton because it became home when home was no longer safe.

Bashir Aideed

Great sense of community. Bolton holds many hidden gems from the historic sites such as the home of Samuel Crompton in Firwood Fold to the scenic such as Smithills Hall, open farm and estate, as well as many lodges great for walks and picnics. I could go on... "I Love Bolton"


It is the place where I was born and where my friends and most of my family live. When I leave my house, in 5 minutes I am in the countryside and can take my dog for long walks where we often see foxes, rabbits, deer and other wild animals and birds. I would not want to live anywhere else.

Karen Farnworth

Our town has been welcoming newcomers since the 14th century and this says a lot about the overall character of the inhabitants of the place.

Ibrahim Kala

It welcomed me when I came to work here, it’s a great diverse opinionated, caring community that has a fabulous identity, and really embraces outsiders as part of the big Bolton family!

Bernie Brown

It's where my home is; where my family are; where I've got great friends and great workmates; where my church is; where my team are; where we go shopping and where we go on fabulous walks. It's where the people are so friendly and it's where my heart is! I'm always so proud to say 'I'm from Bolton!'

Keith Armstrong

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