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Bolton is where I found my roots. Life wasn't great, but I came here and met my wife, had my three beautiful daughters and made a life for myself.

Matthew Barnes

I love Bolton because I can walk on the moors with my husband and my dog.

Sharon Bleackley

Because they offer us access to great health apps via this amazing new portal! Which means I can find apps for me, my patients and my family to help with their conditions. Would be good to share further and wider!


I live outside Bolton in Bury but it's nice to visit Bolton. My grandchildren love Moses Gate Country Park, Jumbles Country Park. But for me also I love the choice of stores at Middlebrook Retail and Leisure Park for retail therapy. Bring our bikes to Rivington Pike so we can enjoy as a family.

Jean Kenyon

I love Bolton because of the gorgeous countryside and parks.


I love Bolton because the libraries and museums service is awesome! The range of activities, wealth of resources and brilliant staff!

Libby Greenhalgh

I love all the shops that aren't high street chains because they're what really makes a town, I live in Bury but I love visiting Bolton just for those characteristic and one of a kind shops. In the age where chains are getting bigger and family run businesses are becoming less and less frequent it's nice to know that Bolton still has character!


I lived there for 6 years and I completed my studies in Bolton Institute of Higher Education from 1979 to 1985. I like its people, places like Queen's Park, Town Centre, Arndale Centre and so many places. Thanks to all Bolton community.

Khalid Alfar

It’s a great place to work - I have worked in Bolton for 12 years for Backup the best charity in Bolton. (I’m biased of course). I love how everyone works together and go above and beyond to ensure those who need support get the support they need #Boltonfamily

Dee Gilmore

I love Bolton because I was born and raised here. Back when I was a child there was plenty of parks and stuff to do not so much now tho but still lots to do i.e museums and walks.

Tara H

I love Bolton because it became home when home was no longer safe.

Bashir Aideed

It's where my home is; where my family are; where I've got great friends and great workmates; where my church is; where my team are; where we go shopping and where we go on fabulous walks. It's where the people are so friendly and it's where my heart is! I'm always so proud to say 'I'm from Bolton!'

Keith Armstrong

It welcomed my Mum and Dad when they arrived from Ireland and its people became friends and family to me and to my brothers, daughters and sons since.

Ged Gallagher

I love Bolton because of the amazing number of choirs, musical groups and theatrical groups in this town. This is a town that has made the arts accessible to everyone.


I love Bolton because you are no more than a 10 minute drive from a lodge, river, hills, parks or shops. Take your pick where to go today to see the sights, historical or modern.

Rachel Chamberlain

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