I love Bolton because...
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I love Bolton because it is the place of my birth. I have had many lovely conversations with complete strangers because that's the kind of friendly people you come across everywhere you go. Natural beauty is on our doorstep.


I love Bolton because of the gorgeous countryside and parks.


I love Bolton because it became home when home was no longer safe.

Bashir Aideed

Bolton is Positive, Because It Cares, Because Bolton Includes Everyone and Never says No!


I love Bolton because it's the friendliest place in the country and we have the amazing market place :)

Cathy Savage

It's where my home is; where my family are; where I've got great friends and great workmates; where my church is; where my team are; where we go shopping and where we go on fabulous walks. It's where the people are so friendly and it's where my heart is! I'm always so proud to say 'I'm from Bolton!'

Keith Armstrong

Of its diversity, its fantastic community and voluntary sector and the great working relationships I have developed over the last 10 years of working in Bolton!

Louise McDade

I love Bolton because of the different people you meet every day, it has such a fantastic vibe and all the places to go is amazing. Its regeneration over the years will keep Bolton on top!!!! #loveboltonforever

Samantha Woodcock

I love Bolton because of the amazing number of choirs, musical groups and theatrical groups in this town. This is a town that has made the arts accessible to everyone.


I love Bolton because it has great community spirit and has some amazing people who volunteer in the community.

Wendy Shepherd

I love Bolton because great parks, lovely countryside on everyone's doorstep all free for all ages, Bolton has the best people who will speak to you in the street and grip when needed.

Mavis Hunter

Bolton is where I found my roots. Life wasn't great, but I came here and met my wife, had my three beautiful daughters and made a life for myself.

Matthew Barnes

It has some beautiful buildings, despite many empty units below some of them. Its beautiful countryside and choice of walks and cycle paths is huge. It has always had a good amount of music venues, entertainment and nightlife, this has now dwindled in the last 20 years, I hope that this will be boosted again with the new plans.

Sarah Morgan

It is the home of the Bolton Impact Trust, this organisation is now a nationally recognised leading Alternative Provision school, that looks after some of Bolton's most disadvantaged children. The staff are some of the most dedicated people I've had the privilege to meet. They need all the help we can to continue their incredible work.

Tony Grimshaw

I love Bolton because it's the hometown of my all time favourite poet, Ibrahim Ali Ismail!

Lisa Dolan

I work at Royal Bolton Hospital and I love my job very much.


I love Bolton because of it's people… we are proud, we are loud, we take the mickey… we find the joy!

Marie Irving-Murphy

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